2023 - Feb 28  - HR CRUISE WEBINAR - Val Grubb

2023 - Feb 28 - HR CRUISE WEBINAR - Val Grubb

NOTE: ALL ARE WELCOME! If you are going on the HR Conference Cruise scheduled for March 6-11, 2023, you do not need to register for this webinar.

NOTE: this webinar is scheduled for Tuesday and is for 1.25 hours of credit.

WEBINAR: "Leadership Skills for the Senior HR Executive – Mastering the Art of Negotiation"

Join us on Thursday, February 16, 2023 from 12:15pm - 1:30pm (ET) for a webinar with speaker Val Grubb

This program was pre-approved or 1.0 for both SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDC) and recertification credits from HRCI.

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Webinar Description:

If you think negotiating skills are only for salespeople, think again! Every single relationship in your work life entails some negotiation. True, it's often linked to sales (or business), but that limited perspective ignores the fact that negotiation pervades all aspects of the senior HR professional's life.

Trying to increase your company's productivity levels? Considering expanding product lines (and therefore people)? Buying a competitor? Going global? Leading a team to increase your employee's engagement level? Attempting to get the best deal from your new benefits provider? Asking for your own well-deserved promotion? In all of these situations, you'll have to negotiate to succeed.

This session will detail how to prepare using review the eight critical success factors that affect a negotiation:
  • Goals,
  • Trade-offs,
  • Alternatives,
  • Relationships,
  • Expected Outcomes,
  • The Consequences,
  • Balance of Power; and,
  • Determining Win-Win Solutions either live OR via zoom.

  • That said, a successful negotiation isn't about getting what you want at all costs. Rather, it's about ensuring engaging the person across from you to determine and understand the goals and objectives of the other party, then finding a win-win scenario where everyone benefits.

    Workplace Application
    This highly interactive session gives you the tools to negotiate with the toughest CEO, vendor or employee whether live OR via zoom!

    Speaker Bio:

    With extensive corporate experience that includes pivotal roles in the founding of both the Oxygen channel and InterActiveCorp (parent company to Expedia, Home Shopping Network, and TicketMaster) and senior leadership roles at NBC Universal and Rolls-Royce, Val knows how to translate complex skills such as leadership, inspiring accountability, and motivating others into actionable steps that resonate with new managers and senior executives alike.

    In her keynotes and training programs, Val covers topics such as strategic thinking, developing the next generation of leaders, finance for non-finance managers, building a culture of accountability, leading change, managing managers and many others—in short, the skills, knowledge, and capabilities that are key to successful leadership. Described by one client as “engaging, humorous, insightful, and inspiring,” Val quickly builds a strong connection with her audiences. Her highly interactive presentations draw participants into extended conversations that leave them well-positioned to follow up on what they learn.

    Prior to founding Val Grubb & Associates Ltd., Val served as the vice president of strategic operations at NBC Universal, where she oversaw business development opportunities and spearheaded on-air quality initiatives for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Valerie played a seminal role in the 1999 formation of Oxygen Media and its subsequent success, which led to the company’s purchase by NBC Universal in 2007. Before joining Oxygen, Valerie was the vice president of operations for Barry Diller during the inception of IAC, where she managed the integration of newly acquired companies including Home Shopping Network, TicketMaster and Expedia just to name a few. She began her career as an engineer with Rolls-Royce where she earned increasingly senior assignments, culminating in her appointment as director of public affairs.


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